World’s Richest Woman, Gina Rinehart Worths $28.48 Billion

According to Business Review
weekly,Australia‘s richest person,Gina Rinehart is currently theworld’s richest /wealthiest woman. A preview of the respected BRW
Rich 200 list, published
Wednesday, put the mining
tycoon’s personal fortune at
Aus$29.17 billion (US$28.48
billion), a figure that sees her outstrip Walton for the first
time.- AFP In March, Forbes placed
Walton and her family’s
net worth at US$25.3
billion, while Rinehart’s
fortune stood at US$18
billion. BRW rich list editor Andrew
Heathcote said mining
magnate Rinehart had
almost tripled her wealth in
12 months as commodity
prices rose and she pulled off two deals in iron ore
and coal. “The Aus$18.87 billion increase in
her wealth is unparalleled. It is a
product of foreign investment in
new projects, increased
production and a recovery in the
iron ore price over the past six months,” said Heathcote. Rinehart, 58, heiress to an
iron ore prospecting empire
built in Australia’s
resources-rich west, is a
controversial figure who
stridently campaigned against new mining taxes
and recently bought up big
in the media sector. She is also locked in a series of
lawsuits, including an acrimonious
row with her own children over
a family trust where she has
been accused of threatening to
financially ruin them. Heathcote said Rinehart
was on track to overtake
Mexican telecommunications
tycoon Carlos Slim — worth
US$69 billion — as the
world’s richest person as demand ramps up for
Australia’s natural
resources. “A $100 billion fortune is
not out of the question for
Rinehart if the resources
boom continues unabated,” said Heathcote. “There is a real possibility that
Rinehart will become not just the
richest woman in the world but
the richest person in the world.” The full BRW list of
Australia’s richest people,
the upper rungs of which
are usually dominated by
mining tycoons, will be
unveiled on Thursday (today).