Welcome to Amadioha ministry International 1.

Please, don’t ask me who called me or why I chosed this sort of name for my church. You should understand that the world is fast becoming a global miraclous place. May be you don’t know, hardwork no more pay. You have to follow your dreams with ‘gra-grality’ and you will surely achieve alot. I shouldn’t remind you that suffernerss has been long erased from the dictionary of the common man. If you still have it, sorry! You are among men more blinded. You think, you are wealthy when you stuff enough naira notes in your back pocket and arrogantly say, ‘do you know who my father is?’. You are rich if you can afford garri and kuli kuli or kai kai and buns. Did I hear you grumble? That’s balance diet!

So in this ministry, we are trying to build world changers and potential leaders who travel far and wide. Obama can testify and Goodluck will bear witness. Here, we make HIV to be involved in accident,malaria will surely get tumor. We prophesy and call names. Don’t expect a prophecy on football, if it should be, just think of Super Eagles winning the FIFA World Cup. I should talk of plane crash? Nope, witches also fly. They should crash land.