What Sex can do

1 It makes some people
religious : Oh my God!
Yes! My God!

2 It gives some people
their first musical
lesson : mmmm .aaaahh

3 Makes some people
natural competitors :
Ffaaast! Fasterrr! Yeah

4 It makes some people
announce their own
obituary : Ahh you are
killing me! I’m dead! I’m
finished! You’ll kill me!

5 It makes some ladies
become terrorists :
Destroy it! Don’t show
any damn mercy! Just
tear it! Don’t do it with
mercy! I am not your sister. Do it harder!

6 Others become
respectful : Give it to me
please.. please …. please
I’m begging…..

7 Loyalty : I love you!
You are my life! I’m yours
forever! You are the
best! Say whatever you
want. Jack me any how
and it’s yours!

8 Makes some people
become beggers : Yeah
please don’t stop! Please
I beg in God’s name give
it to me! Please give it to
me again!

Courtesy-Nneamaka Okafor.