How To Grow Your Business On Social Networking Sites.

Twitter? I did knew this social networking site as a micro-blogging site. I must confess, I have been on Twitter for like two years now and only knew what it was all about, six months ago. During the old days, I can barely understand ‘Retweet’, ‘Follow’, ‘Follow back’, ‘TL’ etc, which according to a friend, who said Twitter is for celebrities. I swallowed so hard. I’m social media crazy. I was ready to know what this Twitter is all about, since am a Facebook worm. For a long time, I heard a lot of Nigerians were making cool cash on Twitter. Opportunity!

This brings #AdoptAtweep to mind. I saw the event on @blcompere’s TL and likewise that of @ojaysays. I was curious to know what’s really #AdoptAtweep and to cap it all, it was a free event (Awuf dey run belle, you said?). i asked what the event was all about and @kara2dance came to my rescue, telling me the venue(@Sofalounge81) and time(2pm). Saturday 15th December was the day. I arrived late and found out I never registered for the event online. I had to after showing my ID to the security (Who no like better thing?). I thank God nothing has really started upon my arrival as I saw people making introduction of themselves and Twitter handles (They called it networking). I joined the queue as I met @Chidufinance.

The event kicked off with a testimony from @kara2dance before @OjaySays took the centre stage.

Here are the tips to grow use social media to grow your business. Facilitator: @OjaySays. You can call this, the ‘ten commandments’ of social netprenue.

1. Tweet Right.

2. Engage your Audience.

3. Follow a target audience.

4. Unfollow smartly.

5. Send bulk direct messages with or without links.

6. Use URL shorteners.

7. Hootsuite Advantage.

8. Market like the sun and not the wind.

9. Be consistent.

10. Keeping within the follow limits.

* Leverage on your social network-

leverage on your social network to provide an advertising platform for brands, individuals and events.

Leverage on your social network to market your ideas, brands thoughts, concepts etc.

Courtesy- @Ojaysays, @blcompere.