Arik Presents Ipad3 to Omojuwa, Elrufai’s Mouth Piece And Chief Hacker.

To whom it may concern:
Arik presents iPad to
Japheth Omojuwa,
soon,” he says by Isi Esene The long drawn twitter
war between Arik Airline
and social media activist,
Japheth Omojuwa over
his missing Apple iPad
tablet appears to have been settled. Both parties were at
daggers-drawn refusing
to back down when
Omojuwa insisted that
the aviation company
must accept responsibility for the
loss of the electronic
gadget, an incident
which reportedly
happened while flying
the airline. The spat however
culminated into the
blacklisting of Omojuwa
and subsequent ban
from flying any of their
flights. He was essentially labelled a
security risk by the
management of the
airline. Indications however
suggest that both
parties have decided to
see reason and sheathe
their swords. Omojuwa, on Monday
afternoon posted a
situation report on the
outcome of his tete-a-
tete with the
management of the airline saying:
me state here that I do
not hold any grudge
against anyone for their stand on the iPad issue
irrespective of where
stood.” He later tweeted again

just collected a new iPad 3 from Arik with a
typad. Closing that
chapter. I will not judge
anyone based on the
issue” YNaija exclusively spoke
with Omojuwa on the
details of the meeting
with Arik and he
promised to release a
statement on it as soon as he lands from his
resumed flight with the
airline en-route Abuja
from Lagos. Stay with Ynaija as we
bring you details of the
brokered iPad

Culled from Ynaija.