Psquare: Their Headache,Your Paracetamol

I’m quite aware that anytime celebrities or politicians want to up their game and status, they create controversies with a well cut out script. At the end of it all, they always come out smiling while the fans that were taking the paracetamol, will gnash their teeth. As an African man, I have learnt not to discuss the issues of families or relationships. It’s believed that Africans know how to settle out their problems as it concerns family. Any third party getting involved will surely have his or her hands burnt. Na you dem go carry settle the case.

The Psquare case, nobody saw it coming. Even the Okoye brothers involved didn’t see it. The name Psquare has become a brand or best described as a corporate entity. They built from the scratch. They believed since we are of same blood, there will never be a split off. Change is inevitable as far you are a mere mortal. We can’t just blame their wives because we felt things were just fine till the women came in. The recent situation calls for concern. It paints picture that there is more,which we haven’t heard or seen. The problems might have started a long while ago but were kept away from public eyes maybe they are yet to “arrived” which might be detrimental to the fame and name they were trying to build.


Peter Okoye announced days, his new management and stage name,”Mr P”. Though, we have heard the name at interval in most of their songs. Paul Okoye is managing two artists, Munosings and LucyCandy. He released a track days back, “Call Heaven” calling on late parents to intervene on recent happenings. Jude Okoye seemed to be quiet. He just talk through riddles, showing his maturity.


I have to say this, Psquare’s problems can only be settled and fully resolved by them only. If you a third party taking sides because you feel one can dance while the other can sing, I don’t know the kind of fire service personnels that will quench the fire once it starts burning you. Allow them settle out their fight. You talking, got your family cases to contend with.