2015 Prophecy.

Call this a prediction or prophecy, it’s none of my headaches. I’m concerned of happenings come 2015. Just listen, 2015 might be your year after all.

Harmattan will continue its thing and Vaseline will sell faster.

APC and PDP will begin their campaigns.

Elections will hold in Nigeria and a candidate will win. (Please, don’t ask who, I only saw. Not authorised to talk)

Pastors will collect offerings and tithes.

Some Nollywood stars will get married while those who are chronic bachelors and spinsters have to meet me for a private prayers.

Rain will fall in 2015

Many babies will be born in 2015

People will buy new cars.

Boko Haram will be a thing of the past.

US and North Korea will continue to hack each others computer.

Rita Dominic should visit my headquarters for better counselling.

NEPA/PHCN will continue their thing while many ‘I pass my neighbour’ generators will sell more.

MTN will continue to send their unsolicited text messages.

Girls who left their boyfriends due to Christmas will return begging.

More people will join Facebook and Twitter.

Arsenal will add a trophy to their kitchen (For your mind, top 4)?

Many cows will used for suya.

There will decamping or crosscarpet into various parties.

People must Change church


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