Ebola Facts

Salt water baths don’t cure Ebola. Here’s how to
protect yourself We are all aware that Ebola is now in Nigeria. Ebola
is deadly but you don’t have to get it. Here’s what
you need to know to protect yourself and your
loved ones. 1. How Can I Get Ebola?
One can get Ebola by
a. contact with someone who is VISIBLY sick with
the disease
b. contact with the body of someone who has died
from Ebola c. contact with an animal that is carrying the
virus – usually fruit bats & monkeys 2. How Can I Know Someone Has Ebola?
The first and most important thing is a HIGH and
SUDDEN FEVER plus any of these other 3 signs:
a. excessive stool (especially with blood)
b. vomiting
c. loss of appetite d. weakness
e. joint & body pain
f. sore throat 3. What Do I Do If I think I Or Someone I Know Has
Call +23480032652437 IMMEDIATELY to speak
with Health Officials if you’re in Nigeria. Airtime is
free on this number.
a. don’t go to church/mosque/prayer house – ask your pastor, imam or spiritual leader to pray for you
from where they are. You will save lives
b. stay at home and keep yourself alone until the
health officials are able to handle your case. 4. How Can I Protect Myself? a. keep a clean environment
b. wash your hands often and avoid unnecessary
c. be vigilant. If someone is visibly sick, notify the
authorities and avoid them
d. educate everyone around you. If the people around you are educated, you are safer.
5. Finally… Many false claims are going round now. Be careful!
a. John G Lake died before Ebola was discovered.
How could he have cured it?
b. No one has been cured or protected from Ebola
by taking bitter kola. If you feel like bitter kola, eat
it but protect yourself! c. Salt and hot water don’t protect against viruses. If
it did, it would also cure HIV!
6. Spread the Word Tell everyone around you to keep yourself safe!
Re-broadcast this message! Go to http://www.ebolafacts.com for more information and direct questions there!

Culled from Nairaland.com