Footballers Who’s Appearance Does Not Suit Football

Footballers who’s appearance does not suit
*Mario Balotelli(Gangster Rapper/hip hop)
*Wayne Rooney(Boxing)
*Gerrald Pique(Taxi Driver)
*Bacary Sagna(Native doctor)
*Oliver Giroud(Modelling)
*Daniel Osvaldo(Actor)
*Aristedi Bance(Armed Robber)
*Ramires(Sugar-cane seller)
*Scott Parker(Choir master)
*Raheem Sterling(Athletics)
*Daniel Agger(Art)
*Gervinho(native doctor)….
*Messi(house boy)
*Benzema(crown prince)
*Anderson(street hip pop)
*De gea(sales boy)
*Wilfred bony(farmer)
*Yaya toure(bodygaurd)
*Luis Suarez (vampire)
*Ba (imam)
*Ozil (Eye witness)
*Ibrahimovic be looking like Colombia drug
*Chigozie Agbim (Wrestler)

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