Are We Being Led By Vampires?

“Blood Will Flow In Nigerian In 2015, If….. – Buhari, El-Rufai, Kwankwaso And Dokubo…

“The Dogs & The Baboons Will Be Soaked In Blood if what happened in 2011 happens in 2015” -Buhari.

“If it is war the North wants, we are ready for them” – Asari Dokubo .

“I am putting it to Jonathan on notice that he must
leave office come 2015.” – Prof. Ango Abdullahi .

“If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed and those who feel short-changed may take the war path and the country may not be the same again. His running will amount to taking about 85 million northerners for a ride and that is half of the country’s total population. So, there will be bloodshed”. ~ Junaid Muhammed
Whose blood are these people referring to?


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