Why You Stop Criticising Nollywood

Nollywood makes bad or worst films, yes I agree. None can dispute that, but I wish to tell the critics of Nollywood to find better jobs to do than buying pop corn to laugh out the mistakes ofsubtitling of a Yoruba film.

Nollywood might have lost its creativity and respect. Yes, it might always have recycled stories, ‘Love Apart’, ‘My Love’, ‘Love is blind’. The casting might be poor, casting Segun Arinze as father and Ramsey Noah as son or Pete Edochie having his beards in all films. It doesn’t matter the role he’s playing. The film title might be different from the content, ‘Skelewu Babes’, ‘Osuofia’s wedding’, ‘Okon’s wedding’, ‘Okon the Driver’, ‘Agumba the warrior’, ‘Bold 5 babes’ etc. I can list as many blunders, but they can never solve the problem of Nollywood rather the scourge will continue. We can’t help the Nigerian film industry, criticising it destructively.

If you’re such versatile critic that can write very well, why can bring up a good storyline will leave your audience in bewilderment. If know Mercy Johnson don’t know how to act, we now live in world where one can make films with any camera phone. Try a scene or two, you will understand the phrase ‘Acting no beans’. Don’t see me as taking sides with Nollywood. Truth be told, I hate Nollywood films of this age. No suspense, no action, no dialogue or good soundtrack, but we must commend these ‘filmpreneurs’. They put almost their life belongings to produce a film. Ofcourse, you have to recap your investment. How many of you can willingly loan a filmmaker some money?

The Hollywood of US and the Bollywood of India were never built with much hate from their people rather lots of people supported their course. If you’re a young filmmaker in Nigeria and intended to use a neighbours wheelbarrow as prop in your project, your so called neighbour will demand you pay him. Do we have to grow like this? If you know you’re an expert in a particular field which can excel Nollywood, come out offer your ideas. Don’t sit on the fence and get angry when the bad films are churned out. Thank you.


One thought on “Why You Stop Criticising Nollywood

    Please does anyone know the title of the movie comedy in which John Okafor (mr. Ibu) and Francis Odega acted where Francis Odega played the part of ‘Skido’? Both of them were involved in different schemes including kidnapping and drugging a woman and John Okafor also played the role of a false prophet/pastor to defraud some women including the wife of a military officer that led to the end of their schemes. I should be grateful for an urgent answer.


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