Quoteable Quotes from Nigerian Leaders

Quotes by some highly placed individuals in government in the past and at present in Nigeria:-
(1)..”Even Jesus Christ cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria” -Obasanjo
(2)”The corp members where destined to die, nobody can run away from destiny” – Mallam isa Yaguda, Gov Bauchi State.
(3) ”On behalf of 20 million naira, I donate my family”- Dame Jonathan.
(4) ”We, the PDP did not win this election, I have gone to church to confess, I gave them money and they called the result” -Chris Uba
(5) ”I want to commend the doctors and nurses for responding to treatment”-DameJonathan
(6) ”I can see camera people, are they going to televise us alive?”- Dame Jonathan. (7) “We want to thank the president for bringing facebook to Nigeria”. -Information Minister LabaranMaku.
(8) “…You press men, you always say there are no minerals in kano. We have Coca Cola, Fanta, Mirinda andthe newly invented Sprite” -Bakin Zuwo.
(9) “Foreign investors should ignore Boko Haram and invest in Nigeria” -GEJ
(10) ” I will water your school and fire your school” -Orji Uzoh Kalu
(11) “Nigerians dont panic, terrorist attack is everywhere ..maybe is our turn” -GEJ
(12) “I will rather kill myself than commit sucide” -Dame Jonathan
(13) “I founded this school for the masses and the school fees is N850,000” -Atiku Abubakar
(14) ”Until I see someone eating out of the gutters before I believe there is poverty in Nigeria.” ? Umoru Dikko.
(15) “Telephone is not meant for the poor” -David Mark
(16) “The worth of a child born and breed in Nigeria cannot be compared to that inthe United States” -Yakubu Gowon
(17) “School is not meant for the poor, only for the rich” -Ikedi Ikiri Ohakim
(18) “At 50, Britain is still battling with King Arthur and the knights of the round table so Nigeria is not doing too badly” -Diezeani Madueke

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