The Letter (A short film)


A drinking bar near a busy road on a sunny afternoon. An establishment shots on cars and passer-bys. Inside the bar, four chairs and a table arranged in three groups. Camera on Pedro, 27 and Peter, 28 sipping their drinks respectively. They both dressed on a trousers and polo.

That reminds me (Dropping his glass), you hardly ask after Nkechi these days.

Peter(Hisses and gulps a glass of beer)
Don’t remind me of the past.

The past?

A sudden interruption as Peter’s rang. A text came in. Peter’s facial expression changed after opening the text.

Pedro(Stares at Peter)
Is everything alright?

Peter said nothing as he stood up and makes for the exit while Pedro kept calling him back.



Camera takes shots from the backyard, lonely and quiet compound. At the front verandah precisely, had Abigail, 22, Jerry, 20, seated at a corner with swollen faces. Mama, 52 emerged from the door. She is held by a woman.

Where do I go from here? (Sitting down, tearfully).

Woman (In a consoling tone)
Tears will never bring her back. God knows the best.

Mama continued sobbing. Enter Papa supporting himself with a walking stick. He wore safari T-shirt and trouser. He sat down. Camera panes to capture Peter entering with a gloomy face. He made to return, but decided to enter. Camera on Mama, who was already adjusting her wrapper.

Now, you’ve killed her. I hope, your teeth are ready for a feast?

Mama makes to hold Peter by his shirt’s collar, but was prevented by woman. Papa stood up and approached Peter, then held him by the hand. They took a few steps to the left.

My daughter died loving you. (Tears in his eyes). Your name remained on her lips till she breathed last. She asked me to give you this letter. (Camera on Papa as he produced a brown envelope)


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