Blame GEJ

It seemed Nigerians are always at quick in laying blames. They point at one particular direction. They give room for excuses to fire up their blame. This makes it difficult not to see any Nigerian that does not complain, but will continue working. This will remind one of late Afro king Fela’s ‘Sufferin and Smilin’ lines.

Yes, Nigerians are good complaints and fire up blames from any angle. Look at this, a man in Abuja actually more of his time on ‘ogogoro’ and cigarettes will turn to blame witches in his faraway village for causing him so much pain. Catch any ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ boy today and he will turn around to proudily tell you how the devil made him a computer demon.

Nowadays, the Nigerian person seemed not to be firing the blaming balls at the devil or his or her village’s witches, but on GEJ. I heard you scream GEJ! Yes, president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Nigerians have come up with a means that they chose to blame the poor man that once have no shoes, but became their president.

A man who wakes up early in the morning in his house and couldn’t find his left over bread, will rain curses on GEJ. The rats are out of question . If MTN network slows, people will take to Twitter and Facebook to start a hastag of a clueless GEJ. If a neighbour of yours owns a Tiger generator, GEJ told PHCN not to restore power around your area. Even impotent men have joined the class as they boldly GEJ brought the problem to them. #BlameGEJ.


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