Just For Laffs

# How can you have 8 tribal marks on both cheeks and multiple stretch marks, yet you still want a tattoo? Haba you no dey fear God???

# Nowadays, Not all marriages start with “Will You Marry Me?” Some start with “I am Pregnant” True or false???

# You really shouldn’t depend on compliments to know your physical attributes. Are you blind? Abi if you worwor like me, you no go know???

# Kill an American citizen and 1 million policemen will be deployed to search for you but kill 1 million Nigerians, you will be invited for amnesty…

# Don’t try to follow the Zebra crossings in Nigeria. To Nigerian Drivers, it is just a Tom-Tom Advert…

# If you’ve stick to MTN for 3-4 years without getting another line, you can withstand ANYTHING life throws at you!

# Trust me How can you say You and your girlfriend have been going out for 6years… Abeg where una dey go? Una never reach there???

# some girls will raise their yam legs up when their mum is sweeping, but go to their boyfriend’s house and be forming environmental sanitation..

# Why won’t some girls have spiritual husbands when they Sleep naked? So you think those evil
spirits don’t like girls too abi???

Culled from-https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10151622455204020&id=725299019&refid=17