Egwu by King Koboko: A review.

There is no harm in trial, a proverb will say. I have known King Koboko as a writer. I was stunned a few weeks ago as he updated his status on Facebook that he will soon release a music single. I took it as a joke and only adviced him to make the yet to be released single a hit or he alone will dance to whatever lyrics he did sang. I know the world is a place where you have try out a lot of things, who knows all or one might work out.

Egwu as King Koboko titled it, I will say was born out of creativity. I can really understand or can I put it under any category of traditional, Hip-Hop, RnB or Jazz. To me, I will say kudos to Koboko and please bro, go back to the drawing board again. Rearrange and let the produce make sometime of club rock. I shouldn’t tell you that in Nigeria now, it’s not what you sang, but the beats that make your music a hit.

*I wrote this an advise and not to condenm any work of art. Thanks.

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