How to get married in Nigeria.

You’ve found a wife or you are still dating? Your fiancee look too good and angelic. Your conclusion, you guys are getting married. Now, you don’t dabble into what you don’t know. You need a guide. And for you information, marriage in Nigeria is a typical project which you must read and understand very well. If you are lucky, your parents will help you with some lectures and if you are not. Just listen with keen ears and mind because this is ‘marriage 101 ‘. Don’t see me as a marriage counsellor or adviser. See me as a guide because I don’t want my house to be a special court for settling ‘quarreling couples’ and ‘family cases'(Your pastor can do just that).

You’ve found her as I said earlier. To start with, what is her tribe? How much does your parents and siblings love her? Does any of friend claim he know her too well? (If he does, I wonder what happens anytime you might be away from the house). I shouldn’t you tell not to ask of her past because as you are making to become one, you don’t some ‘idiots’ helping you out on your duty(Unless, you are not a man). If she is not educated(not an educated illitrate- the one that speaks grammar to confuse you). I won’t remind you to check her village distance from yours unless your kinsmen won’t join you in the journey. If she works in a bank or she is lawyer, bro, I pity you unless you will get tired fighting. Her family is wealthy and you once had no shoes or singlet. Her father brought you out of the refuse dump (Don’t try upsetting their daughter. The prisons were not built for animals). No need going to the hospital for medical check up, you guys built your relationship on trust. I hope your mother is not grandchild crazy? If not, you will make babies under one week. You must marry at age of 23, if you are only the son.

You have known her. Of course, you will start with introduction before you are making an attempt to pay the bride price. During the bride price period, you have to organise a little party. Show your inlaws that you are capable of taking care of their daughter. God will judge these fathers that sell their daughters in the name of giving them out for marriage. You can pay everything they demand and possibly, you are in charge of the ‘commodity’ you bought. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that your ‘bachelor’s nite or eve’ should not be exempted. Your friends must welcome you into marriage-hood. God will bless if you organise it in a five star hotel not near ogogoro joint
(you must be classic).

Traditional marriage beckons and you are a no nonsense guy. You are too popular that you mingle with the like of Dangote, Otedola, Mike Adenuga. In fact, Bill Gates will soon be on your friends’ list. So, your traditional marriage must be talk of the town. I shouldn’t tell you that marriage has become a business venture(wedding-prenuer). Invest a little and get a little. God will get angry with any person advising to hang your coat according to your reach. You can borrow money from friends, siblings or take a loan from the bank. Unless, you are organising a traditional marriage, where moi moi and bread will be shared. A traditional marriage to remember.

I shouldn’t tell you how Africans are civilization crazy. White wedding will be your next target as the traditional wedding wasn’t the authentic one. If you are a typical play boy, definitely you have to invite security before the priest asks ‘is there any person here…..'(complete the statement). The wedding also should be one in town so that the brown envelopes will be fat. You don’t know a guest you did invite might give you a car as gift. Your honeymoon should be done in London on a borrowed visa. God will replenish your hustle on a worthy wedding as you regret your actions after reception.


One thought on “How to get married in Nigeria.

  1. He he he… Ekwurekwu inugo nwanyi? No worry. I no go translate my question mak peopl no know sey na bachelor dey advise dem. Oops. *winks*

    Meanwhil bro, always try 2 check ur posts 4grammatical or typo errors b4 postin.


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