Nollywood blunder: How to get it right.

In recent time, Nollywood has come under heavy and unbearable criticisms. Many persons have come to hate the way movies are churned out at will without some finishing or professional touches. In fact, some Nollywood movies look more of a filmed stage drama or I should I say that some stage plays are more interesting to watch than a full-length Nollywood film. Money has become a bane of the industry not entertainment. The questions become- whom do we blame? Whose fault, is it?

Okay, firstly somebody will scream Nollywood has no proper funds to carry out its required projects. I quite agree, but I will say every person involved in the film production should be blamed. It’s their fault for the general loss of interest in Nollywood films. I’m not trying to sound as if I know everything, I want to tell our filmmakers that we can reclaim our lost glory. As an up and coming filmmaker, I so much believe that a film starts from the script. Some people will say, a movie production starts when a camera starts filming and the director is shouting at the characters. No, a movie production starts from the script. In fact, it’s what the characters see in the script will they utter. A script tells you what sort of character will fit into your story. You don’t necessarily revolve your movie the same group of actors and actresses. Try out new faces. Yes, you are crying about your investment. New faces don’t sale films, but you have to. There are many Ini Edos, Mercy Johns, Mr. Ibus, Osuofias, Olu Jacobs etc out there begging for opportunity. Hollywood was never built around Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Angelina Jolie etc.

To get it right and be the best filmmaker, start with your script. After writing, take to English professionals for scrutiny. Some won’t agree you and virtually calls your script ‘a piece of trash’. Try next door, who knows the dude, might be willing to help you. Did I hear you grumble about spending out of your budget? It is time for a change and you must stand up for that or you want remain in the dark age. The cinemas are back, opportunities beckon. So let your script be written in such a way all and sundry can understand. You don’t necessarily need to make your audience tell the outcome of your film. Keep them in suspense. A director should not be seen as a demi-god. He must allow independent of his cast and crew. No character should hide his or her ideas of making the film a blockbuster. Don’t necessarily say or do everything you see in the script and you boldly claim that you are neither the director or the script writer. There is room for creativity. After all, your name will appear on the film. Let every Nollywood filmmaker avoid recycling or remixing stories. There are million of stories yet to be told. Okeke might have sold a billion copies of his film “Love in action” and Ade is already warming up to replicate same film. No, change direction. Since Okeke got a romance, you should go for a comedy or thriller even action. Nollywood, it is time for a change and the time is now!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Nollywood blunder: How to get it right.

  1. Good and candid observation you made here. Lot of polishing needs to be done to up the ante of our film industry.


  2. You are so inspiring Uche!
    Up-coming acts will definitely be proud of you!
    Nollywood really need you and others like you!
    Well Done Uche!


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