How to get Facebook ‘likes’.

I don’t know reasons behind Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of having the ‘like’ button almost on every place on Facebook. Whatsoever might be the reason or purpose, God bless his hustles (forgotten he’s an atheist. Well, may Amadioha help his career).

Several times, I did see most of my friends stuggle to update or post a picture they would if not thirty ‘likes’, atleast fifteen. Some persons would feel on top of the world anytime they login into their account to see fifty comments on updated status or photos. Some will even go ahead announcing it on the streets and neighbours. Where it will look prettier and fantastic, it is when all these foreign guys(It does matter if it’s a Somalian or an Iraqi) commented and ‘liked’ the status or photo.

Now, if you wanna get enough ‘likes’ on your status or photo. If you are a guy, forget about updating ‘Am so hungry’ (Bro, you better look around if you can lay your hand on kuli kuli or Agege bread because that status might get you blocked). Since you are a guy, make sure you are funny and informative(it doesn’t matter where you copy and paste it. You surely get a pat on the back and girls will rush in to call you ‘darling’ ‘honey’. Let your head not swell, just keep up the good work. It’s only God that will pay you). If you are a girl and nobody seemed to ‘like’ or comment your status or photo. My dear, it’s your fault. Does it mean you don’t read other ladies’ status or view their photos? God will forgive you for being too blinded.

I should not telll you how ladies have thrown decency to the gutters. They flaunt everything and ‘likes’ and comments fill up their wall. You must take a photo having your finger in your mouth(of course, you are sexier. Next posting, try boobs snapping). Try updating, ‘am so lonely and nid company'(you can’t imagine the rush to comment and like. Some guys will even ask for your address).

God will judge all these married men and women that now take over all ‘likes’ and comments. If you guys are social network frenzy, join Twitter(Just meet TB Joshua, he will surely prophesy how your tweets will be retweeted). God bless your hustle(Apologies to Elnathan John).


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