Our Be(un)loved

You came just yesterday

You are not the first

Might be the last

Right before you are sins of Khaki saints

Darker than charcoal

Leaving you on procold

Even when your name should be in gold,

You once had no shoes

“Who knows if you had a singlet?”

And doors keep opening for you

All is well

A thunderstorm uphill

It sweeps across as you always shivered

“Are you not Commander in Chiefs?”

No, you are not a commander in thieves

Where is Farouk?

Lamido will adore him with Five thousand naira note

Rueben will issue a statement even on blood sucking mosquitoes

Okupe an attack lion while jungle remainth empty,

Tea on sliced cassava bread

No lunch?

Try cocoyam buns,

NEPA has buried cancerous generators,

Roads are not worthy

How safe is Miss DANA in the sky?

Let all MAULAGs muah muah

We shall smile for a better tomorrow

Our beloved president.


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