The bridge has been broken

The bridge has broken

Blood littered

Tears flown

We will all get drown,

The bridge has broken

Rains will wash us away

We are scattered

Lives shattered

While streets are deserted,

The bridge has broken

We run in awe

Carrying the fear of the unknown

The legs traveling more than the mind

While hearts beat like rhythmic drum

Eyes flashing than lightening,

The bridge has broken

The ties will not bind

Cloth of grievances are worn

The walls could be a threat

The hoes have turned weapons,

The bridge has broken

Who knows the fate?

We all wear garments of hate

Just seemed like the doomed date

Deaths are topics of debate

Faiths without tolerance

All have gone out of endurance

Even when God discriminate not,

The bridge has broken

We mourn

In anguish we weep

Losing sleep

Because our sorrows are deep,

The bridge has broken

Mother, where art thou child?

Wives have lost husbands

Brothers have gone looking for sisters

Papa thinks of Mama,

The bridge has broken

We lost trust

As men kiss dus,

Life has no value

It worth two balls of akara,

The bridge has broken

Divided is the land

Anarchy became a language

The cross don’t know the minaret

None will let go

Because the bridge has broken.

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