We still mourn…

Seun Odukoya

153 died; oh what grief,
153 died; kini big deal?
Na today una don dey die; kini?!
Abeg una go rest jo! Ogini!

153 died; off the plane,
We still don’t know how many died off the streets,
Yes na! Haba; dem neva plenty reach?
Make dem dey die dey go; abegi plix!

153 died; we hope they rest in peace;
What will it take for us to let go of our peace?
Is it till dead bodies start lining the streets;
Or till we all stifle in the smell and heat?

153 died; many more to come,
These leaders publicly killing us, what’s the outcome?
People looking unconcerned in bars; how come?
The tyrants are outnumbered; the masses outgunned

153 died; but life goes on,
On those who lost loved ones it remains to mourn,
Shed tears for the dead; victims of greed,
Streets awash with blood; and the…

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