‘Air Nigeria’ is a flying coffin

John I. Nnorom, a former
Executive Director for Finance at
Air Nigeria, has warned Nigerians
to stop flying the airline until
they are sure that its planes
are being properly maintained. In a blistering public petition, Mr.
Nnorom, who resigned his
appointment with the airline on
April 1, 2012, blamed the
situation on big businessman
Jimoh Ibrahim, the chairman of Air Nigeria, whom he accused of
being uninterested in the
maintenance of company aircraft. “Some of the certifying
Engineers and I are under threat
of assassination by Barrister
Jimoh Ibrahim, if we reveal this
secret to Nigerians,” he said. Mr. Nnorom said that upon his
resignation, he wrote a letter in
which he said he preferred to
die than to be a witness to over
100 souls perishing in an Air
Nigeria aircraft. He disclosed that Air Nigeria is in
financial crisis because money
loaned by Bank of Industry of
N35.5Billion has been diverted
into Mr. Ibrahim’s NICON
INVESTMENT LTD, a non-finance company popularly called wonder
bank, leading to air safety being
compromised, and stressed that
there is a great possibility of a
disastrous Air Nigeria crash,
which can occur at any time. He recalled that in Jan 2012,
Licensed Engineers in Air Nigeria
went on strike because they
were being forced to certify
unfit aircraft into the air, and
another strike was averted in March 2012 following the
intervention of the DG-NCAA,
Demureen. Both events, he said,
were based on failure on Failure
To Meet Safety Standard, and
are verifiable information the public is aware of. Why are Air Nigeria flights
sometimes delayed for as many
as eight hours? According to
the petitioner, that is because
the aircraft for that flight is not
ready. “While passengers are waiting, engineers are battling
to put the aircraft on Air.
Several times our Aircraft on
Runway taxing to takeoff, turns
back to offload passengers due
to some technical faults observed by Pilots.” He said that of the 11 aircraft
being operated by Air Nigeria,
only one, Embraer, is safe to fly
Nigeria Air space, with all of the
others needing “deep and
heavy” technical maintenance. “This explains why Air Nigeria
has never operated more than
six Aircraft out of eleven
Aircraft. Air Nigeria do not have
the money to fix these Aircrafts.
Let anybody go and check now, some of the Aircraft and Engines
have been grounded for the
past one year.” Mr. Nnorom even advised
Nigerians who choose to take
the risk of flying Air Nigeria not
to eat or drink anything,
pointing out that passengers
have been poisoned because Air Nigeria serves bottled pure
water, and that passengers
have complained of being served
“smelling waters.” Mr. Nnorom further claimed in
the petition that Mr. Ibrahim’s
companies, including Air Nigeria,
do not have tax clearance
certificates. He listed the others
as Global Fleet Oil & Gas, NICON Insurance, Nigeria RE-Insurance,
NICON Properties Ltd, Nicon
Luxury, Nicon Hotels Okitipupa,
VGC & PHC, Newswatch
Communications, Newswatch Daily
and National Mirror. “In Air Nigeria, just to renew
expatriate resident permit, Bar
Jimoh Ibrahim will instruct a
vendor to forge all the tax
clearance papers which is filed
with the immigration.” Mr. Nnorom alleges that Mr.
Ibrahim: • As the chairman of Air
Nigeria, has diverted N5billion
From a BOI aviation industry
intervention loan Of N35.5billion
granted last year by the federal
government through the Central Bank of Nigeria into NICON
INVESTMENT LTD; • Diverted $18m Out Of $40m
Afrixim federal government
support of the aviation industry;
with $26,969,505.63 diverted
into Mr. Ibrahim’s acquisition of
Energy Bank of Ghana; • Diverted N10 billion
released by the government
through the office of the
Accountant-General of Nigeria
for the payment of pensioners
into Nicon Insurance Plc released the sum of, with no pensioner
being paid. Mr. Nnorom insisted that Mr.
Ibrahim is trying to kill him, and
attached his letter of
resignation and subsequent
acknowledgement by the CEO
and FOREIGN LEASSORS to the petition. “On the SFU, recovery of
$75,000 from me, I was never
arrested, never invited by SFU,
did not make any statement, I
do not know how money was
recovered from me,” he said. “I am ready to sponsor any person
to come with me to SFU and
show me my statement,”
attributing the matter to Mr.
Ibrahim’s “poor character of
cheap blackmail.” According to the former
Executive Director, “Jimoh
Ibrahim is after my life but if my
death will save hundred Nigerian
souls from plane crash and that
is the will of GOD, my soul will be happy to meet my creator
Via saharareporters

One thought on “‘Air Nigeria’ is a flying coffin

  1. God in his infinite mercy will protect you and yr family from shameful death. you live long and no evil eyes shall near yr dwelling. you a great Nigerian


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