Pastor Chris Explains Why Smoking Of Cigarettes, Indian Hemps, Is Not A Sin

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the
owner of Believers Love World
Fellowship which metamorphosed
into Christ Embassy International
Ministries. This Church has a
regular membership of over 3 million in Nigeria alone and fans
of over ten million people who
belong to other denominations
but see Pastor Chris as their
alternative pastor. Inadvertently
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome controls over twelve million people in
Nigeria especially the youth and
middle aged. His telecast is still
the most viewed among Nigerian
Christians including Roman
Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists and
Pentecostal brethren. This Pastor recently stirred the
hornets’ nest in the month of
February 2012 when answering a
question on how to overcome
masturbation said thus
‘’masturbation in itself is not a sin against God. Satan uses it in
oppressing the mind and make
them feel ineffective and
inefficient in the sight of God.
But once you understand that
it’s got nothing to do with God, its about you and your own
body…’’ When people thought
that his position was a slip of
tongue, He defended it in
another telecast weeks later
and called it a habit which has nothing to do with God. The same pastor weeks later
added that alcoholism and
smoking is not a sin, rather it is
just a habit. This theory of masturbation not
being a sin is not biblical.
Masturbation is a besetting sin. A
besetting sin is a habit that
sticks to someone as though it is
normal. A sin that has become a habit is called a besetting sin.
Some people call it entangling sin
because it entangles a person,
thereby making escape difficult. .
In Hebrew Chapter 12 verse 1-2
the scripture says that ‘’ wherefore seeing we are also
compassed with so great a cloud
of witnesses, let us lay aside
every weight, and sin which
easily besets us, and let us run
with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto
Jesus, the author and finisher of
our faith’’ In Nigeria now,
corruption has become a
besetting sin, our religious
leaders encourage it and release anointing for the corrupt
Congregationalist to escape the
arms of the law. However, this
does not remove the fact that
corruption is evil in the sight of
God. Smoking of Cigarettes, Indian
Hemps, Cocaine, Marijuana or
whatever are besetting sins.
They are normalised anomalies.
Masturbation is one of them. In
Nigeria today, fornication has become so rampant that it has a
besetting sin. People now discuss
their sexual escapades with
different people as a status
symbol. The Bible has a standard. In
Matthew Chapter 5 verse 8
Jesus Christ said that ‘’ but I
tell you that whosoever looks at
a woman lustfully has already
committed adultery with her in his heart’’ This implies that sin
starts from the heart.
Masturbation definitely involves
constant lustful imaginations
which the victim indulges in as a
means of vitiating sexual pressures. Students of
demonology have discovered
that those sexual images which
follow masturbation are actually
pictures from the marine world
juxtaposed on the persons’ sub-conscious and he begins to
imagine some sexy looking man
or woman. Some persons get
initiated into the company of a
spirit husband or wife after
orgies of masturbation. In addition, a masturbator will
definitely get tired of the self
indulgence and would want to
experiment with actual sex,
leading to fornication or
adultery. Smoking of cigarettes has
become a fanciful habit which a
lot of persons want to break
away from without success. The
late minister of health Professor
Olukoye Ransome Kuti said that he quit decades of smoking the
day he was appointed as
Minister of Health by Ibrahim
Babangida in 1985. All his
previous attempts to quit the
bad habit failed until he made a resolution that as the chief
health officer of Nigeria he
cannot be a bad example, which
was how he secured his freedom.
If those referred to as
unbelievers want to quit smoking, how can a Born Again
Christian justify feeding on what
pagans, atheists and animists
are struggling to quit. The
producers and hawkers of
cigarettes warn that the substance is dangerous to
health. Alcoholism is an intoxicant which
persons use to feel good and
fight depression. A lot of
sicknesses are directly related
to it and the manufacturers will
always warn that it is not for those below the age of eighteen.
A lot of family breadwinners
have expended all their live
savings on alcohol while the wife
and children are left unattended
to. Therefore for a pastor who
directly influences over three
million persons in Nigeria and
indirectly influences another
twelve million fans that belong to
other churches to encourage these habits, the end has really
come. The implications of Pastor Chris
Oyakhilome’s open cheque is
that many young men and
women running into millions will
join the league of masturbators,
fornicators, adulterers, smokers of cigarettes, Indian hemp,
cocaine and consumers of
different brands of alcohol;
Whisky, Schnapps, ‘Sapele
Water’, ‘Kaikai’, Akpuru-
achai’ etc. In these trying seasons for Nigeria and Africa,
this pastor has led his
congregation and that of others
astray. Apostle Paul said in
Galatians Chapter 1 verse 8-9
says ‘’ but even if we or an angel from heaven should preach
a gospel other than the one we
preached to you, let them be
under God’s curse ! As we have
already said now I say again: if
anyone is preaching a gospel other than the one you have
accepted, let that one be under
God’s curse’’ Influential pastors are now
blessing masturbation,
drunkenness and smoking. Soon
others will bless watching
pornographic materials, same-
sex marriage and marriage to pythons, cobras, dogs, baboons
and horses. Later they will begin
to sanction occultism, human
sacrifice, flying in the night and
astral projections in the church.
In the height of it they will remove Christ as the centre
piece and replace him with the
man of sin, the Antichrist, who
will exalt himself as God in the
temple of God.

One thought on “Pastor Chris Explains Why Smoking Of Cigarettes, Indian Hemps, Is Not A Sin

  1. I recommend you treat this report from an objective viewpoint. you have a right to do whatever you want with your blog, though, but you’re not the only one reading this. While I subscribe to your take on what a “besetting sin” is, I will thank you to not lead me to tow your line of thought. Thank you.


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