Lagos preacher heals bedridden Nollywood actor

Bedridden Nollywood actor,
Enebeli Elebuwa was full of
“praises and thanks” to
Almighty God during the
week as he has received his healing, courtesy of a
Lagos based controversial
preacher, Dr Sign Fireman. The actor was struck by
stroke late last year. Since
then, his health has
continued to deteriorate
on each passing day. He
was reportedly bedridden for months before he
finally received healing
from the “firebrand

Fireman who came into
prominence through the
showbiz personalities that
attend his church located
in Surulere, was said to
have been moved by the status of the ailing actor. He instructed his family to
relocate the actor to the
church where he (Fireman)
prayed before Enebeli was
healed of his life-
threatening ailment. A video posted on Youtube
showed the high flying
pastor taking steps with
the actor, who looked
physically drained and
weak, after the healing. Fireman could be heard
asking Enebeli to walk and
take “one step at a time
… in the name of Jesus,”
which, in the midst of
clapping and shouting by the congregation, he
strenuously adhered to. Fireman happens to be one
of the influential men of
God in the country. His
extravagance and
extremely flashy lifestyle
was brought to questioning by CAN
recently. “Jesus Christ
was never a poor man. He
had an accountant
following him around” he
was quoted as saying.

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