I’m Gay And The Head Of Illuminati In Nigeria….Charlie Boy

Controversial maverick
entertainment personality,
Charles Oputa, better known as
Charly Boy, has set another
record with his confession that
he is gay. By so confessing, he becomes only the second publicly
known gay man in Nigeria. This is a record that Pastor
Rowland Macaulay beat him to by
being the first Nigerian to openly
come out and even establish a
church that catered for only
gays. Those who know Charly Boy well however say he’s not
someone who likes being a
follower. He’s always a leader in
everything he does and he’s
now ready to take his rightful
leadership position in the gay world. In an interview with a new
publication, Danfo Express, Charly
Boy declared that he is gay and
not ashamed of being gay. Even as he made other
disclosures about himself, he
didn’t forget to add that he is
the head of the Illuminati in
Nigeria, the same Illuminati that
people accuse Jay-Z, D’Banj and Don Jazzy of being members and
they keep denying membership.
While his audacious revelations
might seem like a publicity stunt
on his part, let’s not forget the
popular saying ‘there’s no smoke with-out fire’. For Charly
Boy to say all these things about
himself there must be an element
of truth in them. As a judge on Nigerian Idol, not
only did he impose himself on
other judges, Yinka Davies and
the American, Jeffrey Daniels, he
was always going with a skull to
the show and once even went with a huge snake that scared
the audience.


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