Sex in the BigBrother star game

Sixteen days after this year’s edition of the Big Brother reality show kicked off, the show has recorded its first ever sexual encounter in the house.

Namibian housemate Jessica and her Liberian counterpart, Luke were the first housemates to have sex in the house.

The ‘bonking affair’ happened few hours before Luke was evicted last Sunday from  the house along with his Liberian partner Yadel and Sierra Leonean Dalphin.

While the housemates were sleeping, Luke and Jessica hopped into bed. Luke began giving Jessica a very sensual massage and shortly after, the two hit it off. They must have thought no one would see them as the lights were off but trust Biggie to have his infra-red cameras on stand-by.

However, since the ugly incident happened, viewers of the reality show have continued to react online with some questioning the rational behind the yearly programme.


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