For Your information

Illuminati? Hard to believe. But
ever so true. Its simple. All that
we listen to advertises illuminati.
Almost every single pop artist
out there has sold their soul to
the devil himself. They want fame and fortune. Lucifer has given it
to them. In return they carry him
out through music. Still hard to
believe? Jay Z and beyonces
daughter is almost definitely
illuminati. “Blue Ivy”. Which fool would name their child that?
B.L.U.E = Born Living Under Evil.
I.V.Y = illuminatis Very Youngest.
Blue Ivy spelt backwards[eulb yvi]
in latin language means Lucifers
daughter. :O. Rihannas album “Good girl Gone bad” chronicles
just watch the title states.
Rihannas transformation from
good to a bad girl who promotes
sexual immorality lust and
violence. One of rihannas biggest hits Disturbia. In the vid rihanna
and her back up singers depict
being demon possed. Rihanna in
the s&m vid with “Princess of
illumaniti” written behind her. Still
hard to believe? Google it. The song empire state of mind. Jayz
states the world begins when the
church is gone. Lady gaga? The
illuminati eye? The eye of satan?
Almost every pose you see her in
she’s depicting the eye of lucifer. There’s so much more to this. It
becomes more scary when you
research it. Music has taken the
world by storm. Youngsters want
to be like lil wayne. Look ugly.
Wear massive shirts. Swear. Be violent. Music is now promoting it
all. Youngsters want to become
thugs. As 2pac states“Thug
Life”. But it only ends u of in
prison. Or it gets you killed. And
satan laughs. Cause its one more down for him. What we listen to is
vital. It can make us. Or break us.
Music is satans main tool. Don’t be
fooled. What you listen to
eventually becomes you. “Be
sober. Be vigilant. Because your adversary the devil as a roaring
lion walketh about seeking whom
he may devour” 2 Peter 5:8.
DEVIL ISN’T JOKING. Support gospel
entertainment. Kore

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