Don Jazzy launches new record label

Former Mo’ Hits cofounder Don Jazzy has launched a new record label, Mavin Records (pronounced May-vin). Artists under this new label include Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid and D’ Prince. A compilation album, Solar Plexus, featuing the mentioned artists is set to be release on May 8th 2012. According to Don Jazzy, more Mayvins will be activated soon. On the launch of the new record label, Don Jazzy had this to say to the press and his fans around the world: I see Mavin Records being the power house of Music in Africa in the shortest possible time. I know Rome wasn’ t built in a day but with a lot of hard work, a good and God fearing team, our friends and fans, TV houses, radio stations, press, bloggers and most of all with God on our side, there is nothing we cannot achieve. I definitely won’ t forget my past because I wouldn’ t be where I am today without it. I know there are questions unanswered, mysteries unsolved, wounds to heal but I would really appreciate if we allow time to heal the wounds for us all instead of digging them up again. I love and respect the press and bloggers a lot and believe they will play a major role in healing our wounds and allow the forward movement. I would love to thank everyone that contributed in making Mohits records as successful as it got. We wouldn’ t have done it without you all. The love and support you have given us thus far is definitely not in vain. You all helped create international superstars and none of us will let you down. It is going to be a very exciting journey from here. I can’ t wait to show you guys all we have planned for you all. We have some other Mavins that are not activated yet still under construction that I’ m positive you are going to love. Please open up your hearts, lend us your ears, give us your love and support as always and let’ s continue to entertain you. Please don’ t forget to visit. and join the fan club “MAVIN LEAGUE” for exclusive news, music and gifts. “Don’ t just be amazing at what you do, be a MAVIN at it” – IDJA


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