Full transcript of new video posted by boko haram on youtube

“This is a message from the
public awareness department of
the Jamatu Ahlis sunnah lil
daawati wal jihad, a group
engaged in jihad in Nigeria. “We wish to explain about the
attack we carried out on
ThisDay newspapers. Some of
the reasons why we decided to
attack some media houses,
especially ThisDay, is because the paper was used in
dishonouring our prophet,
Mohammad (SAW), during a
beauty pageant in Kaduna in
November 2002. “At that time, some people who
called themselves leaders of
Muslims came out to say they
had forgiven those who
committed the offence. “But based on our knowledge,
we know that no one has the
power to forgive anyone for an
offence that God himself has
given judgment, especially on an
offence that has to do with dishonouring Prophet Muhammad
(SAW). “No one has the power to
forgive this type of offence,
and the judgment is for such
persons to be killed. “This lady that committed this
crime, the judgment on her is
to be killed at any opportunity;
and the media house is also
supposed to be driven out of
existence whenever there is a chance to do so. “We are just getting the
opportunity to attack the
media house, and we are hoping
to continue these attacks until
we drive them out of existence. “It is our hope that Allah (SWT)
will help his religion. “We know that any genuine
Muslim must have been deeply
touched by the Thisday incident. “ThisDay newspaper is also
leading in helping the
government in fighting us,
alongside other media houses
that we will mention soon. “Some of the offences of
ThisDay and other media outlets
include: firstly, during the
botched attempt to rescue
some kidnapped foreign
nationals in Sokoto; these media houses asked us if we have
anything to do with the kidnap
and we said we have nothing to
do with it, yet these media
houses reported that we were
responsible for the incident, that was a lie against us. “Secondly, when we sent a
video of our leader, Abubakar
Shekau, the media houses
reported things that our leader
did not say, such as that in
response to the president’s threat to finish us in three
months, we have also
threatened to finish the
government in three months.
But the truth is, nowhere in
the video did our leader say what they attributed to him. “Thirdly, on the purported
arrest of Abu Qaqa by the SSS,
we have come out to tell them
that the person arrested was
not Abu Qaqa,yet the media
continue to portray us as liars, and even said that our leader
had ordered for Abu Qaqa II to
be executed, and we are now
searching for Abu Qaqa III. “Recently too, they came out
with another lie that one
Mohammed Awwal Kontagora
was the Abu Qaqa II that was
executed, and that even his
parents confirmed it, that was just a big lie to convince the
world. “The media also said that we
have killed the father of Abu
Darda, so as to pass a message
to him, because he had leaked
our secrets after his arrest by
security agencies, and they wanted him to know that he is
one of our targets. “These are all lies, and they
are many. “These media houses have
committed a lot of offences
that are detrimental to Islam,
and we don’t have the power
to forgive them. We will take
revenge on them by God’s grace, some of these media
houses have been categorised
into three groups. “The first group is the likes of
ThisDay whose offences are big. “The second group we will also
attack soon are Punch, Daily
Sun, Vanguard, Guardian, Nation,
Tribune, and National Accord,
which are all newspaper houses. “There is also VOA Hausa radio.
All these media houses we will
attack them including their staff
and offices, by God’s grace. “VOA Hausa for instance has
recently started campaigning
for people to support the
government against us by
exposing us. “The next group that are on
the verge of joining this list
who if they are not careful we
will attack very soon include,
Leadership, Daily Trust, Peoples
Daily and RFI(Radio France international). “There is an online medium
known as Saharareporters who
have their office in New York,
and who have made their site
as a platform for attack
against Islam. So we are warning them to stop making
their site an avenue for
attacking Islam, otherwise we
will find a way of attacking
them too. “We resorted to using this
medium to send our message
instead of the normal tele-
conference because of the fear
by journalists; which made them
refuse to conduct the conference. “We are grateful to God for
the success recorded on the
attack on Thisday, and we hope
to continue such attacks. “Finally, the government has
now resorted to arresting our
wives and children and also
demolishing our houses, like
they did in Biu recently, that is
why we have also resolved to start attacking government
schools, especially, tertiary ones. “We promise to demolish 500
buildings for any one of our
houses that the government
destroys. We have already
started with Gombe and Kano.”


3 thoughts on “Full transcript of new video posted by boko haram on youtube

  1. What kind of GOD will instruct you to keep killing innocent victims,your god my foot,develish gods,wicked religion,I hope my GOD OVERDOER,JEHOVA ELSHADDAI,the GOD that shut the mouth of lions,when daniel is inside the den,will meet you people soon,your ends are coming,if GOD didn’t fight this fight for us,then,you will know we are not serving the living GOD,now am understanding the scripture well,that,when GOD sent devil out from heaven,he didn’t collect all his power,but,all I know and I believe is that GOD power,the one we boast of,the LIVING GOD,the BRIGHTMORNING STAR,the BALM of GILEAD`S power is greater than every all the power.because,he that is in us is greater he that is in JIHAD…..


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