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Now more than ever, writing and publishing a book has never been easier.

With advances in technology, the cost of publishing a book is just a fraction of what it used to be several years ago.

As easy as it is to now publish books, Authors have to do their own marketing. That is the reality of the publishing industry whether you get a publishing deal or you self-publish.

This means before you even write the first word on your book, you need to know how you intend to market and promote your book! If you already have a manuscript or have already published your book it’s not too late.

These days anyone can market globally using just a computer and their time. It may take effort, but it doesn’t need to cost you anything – and you might even enjoy it!

Generally accepted statistics indicate…

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Biafra is forty-five today

This is the Declaration speech by
Lieutenant-colonel Chukwuemeka
Odumegwu Ojukwu on Tuesday,
May 30, 1967! Fellow countrymen and women,
YOU, the people of Eastern
Nigeria: CONSCIOUS of the supreme
authority of Almighty God over all
mankind, of your duty to
yourselves and prosperity; AWARE that you can no longer be
protected in your lives and in
your property by any
Government based outside
eastern Nigeria; BELIEVING that you are born free
and have certain inalienable
rights which can best be
preserved by yourselves; UNWILLING to be unfree partners
in any association of a political or
economic nature; REJECTING the authority of any
person or persons other than
the Military Government of
eastern Nigeria to make any
imposition of whatever kind or
nature upon you; DETERMINED to dissolve all political
and other ties between you and
the former Federal Republic of
Nigeria; PREPARED to enter into such
association, treaty or alliance
with any sovereign state within
the former Federal Republic of
Nigeria and elsewhere on such
terms and conditions as best to subserve your common good; AFFIRMING your trust and
confidence in ME; HAVING mandated ME to proclaim
on your behalf, and in your name
the Eastern Nigeria be a
sovereign independent Republic, NOW THEREFORE I, Lieutenant-
Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-
Ojukwu, Military Governor of
Eastern Nigeria, by virtue of the
authority, and pursuant to the
principles recited above, do hereby solemnly proclaim that
the territory and region known
as and called Eastern Nigeria
together with her continental
shelf and territorial waters shall
henceforth be an independent sovereign state of the name and
title of THE REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA. AND I DO DECLARE THAT: (i) All political ties between us and
the Federal Republic of Nigeria
are hereby totally dissolved. (ii) All subsisting contractual
obligations entered into by the
Government of the federal
republic of Nigeria or by any
person, authority, organization
or government acting on its behalf, with any person,
authority or organization
operating, or relating to any
matter or thing, within the
Republic of Biafra, shall
henceforth be deemed to be entered into with the Military
Governor of the Republic of
Biafra for and on behalf of the
Government and people of of the
Republic of Biafra, and the
covenants thereof shall, subject to this Declaration, be performed
by the parties according to their
tenor; (iii) All subsisting international
treaties and obligations made on
behalf of Eastern Nigeria by the
Government of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria shall be
honored and respected; (iv) Eastern Nigeria’s due share of
all subsisting international debts
and obligations entered into by
the Government of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria shall be
honored and respected; (v) Steps will be taken to to
open discussions on the question
of Eastern Nigeria’s due share of
the assets of the Federation of
Nigeria and personal properties
of the citizens of Biafra throughout the Federation of
Nigeria. (vi) The rights, privileges,
pensions, etc., of all personnel of
the Public Services, the Armed
Forces and the Police now serving
in any capacity within the
Republic of Biafra are hereby guaranteed; (vii) We shall keep the door open
for association with, and would
welcome, any sovereign unit or
units in the former Federation of
Nigeria or any other parts of
Africa desirous of association with us for the purposes of running a
common services organization and
for the establishment of economic
ties; (viii) We shall protect the lives
and property of all foreigners
residing in Biafra, we shall extend
the hand of friendship to those
nations who respect our
sovereignty, and shall repel any interference in our internal
affairs; (ix) We shall faithfully adhere to
the charter of the Organization
of African Unity and of the United
Nations Organization; (x) It is our intention to remain a
member of the British
Commonwealth of Nations in our
right as a sovereign, independent
nation. Long live the Republic of Biafra!

Nigerian Appointed London Police First Black Commander.

Mr. Victor Olisa, a UK-based
Nigerian and a Chief
Superintendent with the London
Metropolitan Police has been
appointed as the first black
commander for Bexley local council in London. “Policing runs in the family and I
have always wanted to be a
police officer and ethnicity does
not affect that,” Olisa told the
Europe Correspondent of the
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in his reaction on the appointment
in London. Olisa, whose grandfather was a
police officer in Nigeria, said his
focus was on the job rather
than on being the “first
black’’ adding that his ethnicity
never affected the way he carried out his duties. “I consider myself first and
foremost a police officer. If
(being black) is an advantage,
then brilliant; If it’s a
disadvantage, I will have to deal
with that, I can’t hide it.” Olisa said a lot was being done to
address racism within the force,
adding that it was the
responsibility of the force to
correct wrongs and not an
institution for people with racist views. “I am impeccably against anyone
who uses racist language or
behaves in a racist manner. This
will not be allowed under my
watch. “I believe that everyone should
be treated with dignity
wherever they come from,’’
Olisa said. Olisa, 52, born in Warri, Delta, is
one of the three chief
superintendents from black
minority ethnic background
working for the Metropolitan
Police. He started his career in Surrey
Police in 1982 before
transferring to the City of
London Police in 1990 as
detective inspector in the Fraud
Squad. After a spell at the Home Office,
he transferred to the
Metropolitan police in 2006 as a
superintendent in Southwark
Council before his recent


Gunmen kill 4 traders in Yola.

Less than 24 hours after
gunmen attacked muslim
worshippers in Potiskum, another
set of gunmen on a motorcycle
shot dead four traders from the
mainly Christian Igbo ethnic group in north eastern Nigeria
on Monday, residents said. Islamist group Boko Haram has
carried out scores of shootings
and bomb attacks in northern
Nigeria, but it was not
immediately clear who was
behind Monday’s killings in the city of Yola, the capital of
Adamawa state. Police could not be reached for
comment. “Two men riding a motorcycle
came by some shops owned by
Igbo traders,” one resident said. “They shot dead the four men
chatting outside their closed
shops around 3:30 pm. Igbos in
the city had refused to open
their shops in protest over the
killing of a bartender in a beer parlour last night by some
gunmen.” In January, gunmen opened fire
on worshippers at a church in
Yola, killing at least eight people. Boko Haram’s insurgency has
taken more than 1,000 lives
since mid-2009.


Naija Dictionary Update

NAIJA PERSON!!! (Add urs)
1. Insult upon injury
2. Nonsense and Ingredient
3. If I sound u ehh, I will soonslap you
4. How Far?
5. Can I see your particulars?
6. Anything for me sir?
7. Are you mad? 8. Half-caste
9. Next tomorrow 10. Make I come block you dia
11. Lie, Lie
12. See me see trouble oh
13. Shift small for me lemme sit
14. abeg vamus / abeg commot
15. nonsense say wetin happen 16. Abomination
17. Over my dead body
18. God forbid bad thing
19. I need to retouch my (h)air
20. any word with ‘bloody’ e.g.
bloody fool, bloody liar, bloody idiot
21. Na wa oooo
22. Tell me something
23. Why do you want to knowmy
24. Abeg joo 25. Can u imagine…..
26. wonders shall never end /
cease 27. Tofiakwa (n some
feeling janded will say TUFI!!!!)
28. Chei, Kai 29. Oya me we dey go
30. Hold on lemme branch
somewhere 31. Come and Escort
32. Stop at that junction over
there 33. Borrow me your pen/biro
34. Still yet
35. Me and you will enter the
same trouser
36. You are so annoying
37. Why? Because Y has a long tail
and branches
38. What is the time? QuarterTo
buy your own
39. Effico
40. ITK- I too know 41. Muumu
42. How are you? ‘We’re
43. and so what?
44. I want some assorted
biscuits e.g. Rich tea, Digestive
45. Your face look familiar or
similiar(kano horses)
46. You are so daft
47. NFA- No future ambition
48. Are you already ready? 49. That is so dry!
50. My belly is full 51. Did they
sack you?
52. I trekked all the way here
53. Where is the toilet, I wantto
piss 54. I want to drink cold mineral
55. Which ones now? 56. Can u
imagine, he was
to toast me
57. Jacker 58. Your head is not correct
59. Have you seen that film
60. Just imagine!
61. My school fees money
62. No wahala! 63. Revise back small
64. Oya, shake body 65. Shine
your eye
66. Carry go
67. Don’t try me o
68. Enough effizzy 69. Nna, You chop?
70. Ashewo bastard! 71. What
72. We must wash am!
(73) I coming [wen they’r actually
walkin away]
(74) Do u know who I am?
(75) Den, den, deeeen… I wil tel mummy 4 u
(76) khaki no b leather
(77) JJC Johnny Jst Come


I’m Gay And The Head Of Illuminati In Nigeria….Charlie Boy

Controversial maverick
entertainment personality,
Charles Oputa, better known as
Charly Boy, has set another
record with his confession that
he is gay. By so confessing, he becomes only the second publicly
known gay man in Nigeria. This is a record that Pastor
Rowland Macaulay beat him to by
being the first Nigerian to openly
come out and even establish a
church that catered for only
gays. Those who know Charly Boy well however say he’s not
someone who likes being a
follower. He’s always a leader in
everything he does and he’s
now ready to take his rightful
leadership position in the gay world. In an interview with a new
publication, Danfo Express, Charly
Boy declared that he is gay and
not ashamed of being gay. Even as he made other
disclosures about himself, he
didn’t forget to add that he is
the head of the Illuminati in
Nigeria, the same Illuminati that
people accuse Jay-Z, D’Banj and Don Jazzy of being members and
they keep denying membership.
While his audacious revelations
might seem like a publicity stunt
on his part, let’s not forget the
popular saying ‘there’s no smoke with-out fire’. For Charly
Boy to say all these things about
himself there must be an element
of truth in them. As a judge on Nigerian Idol, not
only did he impose himself on
other judges, Yinka Davies and
the American, Jeffrey Daniels, he
was always going with a skull to
the show and once even went with a huge snake that scared
the audience.


Prayer against poverty

Hunger shall never be your Family’s tradition, Your Offspring shall not inherit Poverty from you, The draconian anarchist terrorizing your life will meet his/her waterloo today. Your enemy shall become a celebrity in Psychiatric Hospital this Month. Anyone that Blocks your way to stardom shall spend the rest of his life as a RoadSide Star, Hawking Viju & Gala on Lagos Ibadan Express Way. Readers!..Say AMEN & PRAY for us too