At the mention…..

Person wey tell me say all this big dog wey resemble lion dey fear,I no go believe. The dogs dem fear pass rat wey see executive cat wey im eye dey red like say im don visit kalakuta Republic come back. Just relax and make you find something dey water your tongue as me yarn you my tori.
I meet this girl wey her name na Jenny. The nwantiti na wetin oyibo people dey talk say na ‘miss endowed’. She get everything over, beauty, hips, lips, sexy eyes. In short, God create this particular girl when ‘Baba D’ and im angels don sleep die. To carry beta ogbenge cap wear my tori, Jenny papa na bastard billionaire. Im own money no get papa or mama.
I chyke Jenny and she gree. She help me like say tomorrow no dey. She pack love full my body, but the problem wey I dey always get with her na to come dey visit am for their house. I dey fear because im papa fit pursue me with AK47, she come give me assurance say im papa no dey sef. Even if the man dey sef, im no send. Opportunity! Where the whole matter come get k-leg, bi say Jenny no tell me say dem get dogs. No be all kain dog wey be say if you pick waterproof for ground dem go run leave their owner house. This kain dog na the type wey say if im bark, NEPA man wey wan come light go forget im ladder. The dog face go threaten witches make dem no near your compound.
On that day, I fin better suit put for body. Come take tie join am. I even wear perfume. Na so I be like say wey I wan go heaven…..

to be continued….


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