Following reports of an
appeal message
purportedly seeking
financial assistance
for veteran actor,
Enebeli Elebuwa, prominent Nigerian
movie actress, Stella
Damasus and
director, Daniel
Ademinokan have
asked members of the public to be wary
of such messages,
claiming they are
fraudulent. They shared this
information through a
broadcast message,
stating that it was an
attempt to fleece innocent people of
their money. The broadcast reads;
‘Please disregard any
broadcast or
information about
saving Enebeli Elebuwa
with N5million. It is a total FRAUD!! No
hospital or medical
institution or group of
people responsible for
the veteran actor’s
health and well being has requested for
such an amount.DO
NOT pay any money
to anyone and DO NOT
deal with anyone
asking for money. Uncle Enebeli Elebuwa
is responding
positively to
treatment now and
nobody has asked for
a dime from anyone. DO NOT BE DUPED! BE
WARNED! Please re-
broadcast ASAP’. Stella Damasus
President of Actor’s
Guild of Nigeria,
AGN, Segun Arinze,
also joined in re-
broadcasting the message, apparently
in a bid to create mass
awareness about
what they termed a
scam. Enebeli Elebuwa
is currently battling the aftermath of a
stroke which has seen
him out of action on
the movie scene for
several months. He is reportedly
receiving traditional
treatment for the
ailment, which has so
far seen him being
moved to various hospitals including St.
Nicolas Hospital, in


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