If animals were on facebook

COCKROACH:’my friends pls help
me tank God!just found out
Mortein na Bodyspray…didn’t kill
me…just made me smell good. CHICKEN; if tomorrow I’m not
updating my status,it means am
being served at MR BIGGS’…..Love
U all ! DOG: I hate Akwa Ibom & Calabar
people COW: My calf wants to suck now
but the farmer has taken all
milk in the morning. RAT: The owner of the house
just bought a cat,we day pack
comot tomorrow. GOAT: friends….thank God for me
oooo.a car almost hit me
now…chaii wud hav died like fowl. FOWL’s comment on Goat Status:
i thank God 4 u ooooo…dnt mind
those yeye humans…dats hw
they drive like goats.


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